February 27, 2021

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20 Best applications for work from home

applications for work from home

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, several countries have been put to lockdown which has created inconvenience for every industry including the medical sector, tourism sector, corporate sector. People are practicing social distancing and self-quarantining themselves to be safe from this pandemic. Due to this, several private companies including big tech giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft have opted for work from home culture. Remote working is not as easy as it seems. People have to struggle with staying productive in their home and have to face difficulties in communicating with their clients or team members. To make this less difficult, technology has provided you with some tools and applications for work from home. We are sharing some best applications for work from home to make your quarantine period easy and more productive.

Top 20 applications for work from home

A. For Communication

Communication is the most common problem that remote workers face. Most of the company employees’ official e-mail accounts belong to Google G Suite or Microsoft 365. So, they mostly work on Gmail or Microsoft outlook and both of these have their own chat applications but they require some additional payments which need to be taken care of by your company. Due to coronavirus impact, Google and Microsoft have granted free subscriptions to Hangout meet and team for a limited period of time.

The following applications will help you in communicating easily with your clients or team members –

#1: Google Hangouts


Google hangouts is a good and well-performing option to
conduct audio or video meetings.

Have a look at some of the amazing features that google
hangouts offer-

•             Instant messaging

•             Voice

•             HD video

•             HD video

•             Custom
control of admins

•             Recording

•             Built-in
screen sharing

#2: Slack

Slack is the most popular work from home application. Its
users will prefer any other religion than substituting slack.

Key features of Slack are –

•             Instant messaging

•             Voice&video

•             Screen sharing

•             File transfer

•             Task status

#3: Zoom

If you are working in huge teams and want to connect with a
large number of team members then Zoom app is the best choice for you.

applications for work from home

Image Source- Finder

Salient features of Zoom are –

•             Video
calls and meetings

•             Messaging

•             Host webinars

•             Voice

•             File

#4: Join.me

Join.me is another alternative to help you communicate with
your team while working from home.

It also offers a variety of features such as-

•             Conference
call up to 250 participants

•             Messaging

•             File

•             Record

•             Audio/Video

•             Screen  sharing

#5: Zoho

Zoho is another tool to connect with your colleagues or
clients and it has offered free services till July 1 due to coronavirus

Key features of Zoho are –

•             Video

•             Voice

•             Messaging

•             Real-time

B. For Document Management

Another problem that remote workers face is Document
Management. While working in teams you need to have a place to store data so
that other team members can find it, read it and edit it. Gracefully, we have
several applications for this to make your work from home easier.

#6: Google Drive

applications for work from home

Image Credit – Computerworld

Google Drive is the most used and popular tool to manage and
share documents. Store and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, excel files
and much more with Google Drive app.

Salient features of Google Drive –

•             Data
storage of 15GB

•             Data
security with SSL encryption

•             Real-time

#7: Dropbox

Dropbox is another application which helps in document
management while working from home.

Key features of Dropbox-

•             File

•             File

•             Link
sharing via email, text, WhatsApp

•             Backup
and File recovery

•             Document

#8: Quip

Quip is another app for document management and the main
feature of quip is that it addresses one shortcoming of Google drive. Quip
allows team members to collaborate; you can discuss documents, leave a comment,
accept or reject versions.

Salient features of Quip –

•             Document
sharing and security

•             Chat

•             Task

•             Document

•             Company
admin portal

•             Real-time

#9: Box

The Box is another option to Google Drive or Dropbox to
share your documents with the team securely. It also allows you to connect with
Office 365, Google Apps and Slack.

Some features of Box are –

•             Document

•             Data

•             Integration
with other application

•             Cloud

C. For Project Management

Either you are working in a distributed team or you are a
freelancer who works with clients, you need an application to manage your
projects. There are plenty of project management apps available but you have to
test them to see what is best for you and your company.

#10: Trello

Trello is one of the best work from home applications
available on iOS, Android, and Microsoft. It allows you to keep track of
ongoing projects and work done by your team members. You can sort down your
to-do list by team members with different boards for the different projects
where all team members can track work done and give reviews.

#11: Asana

Asana is a project management tool created by the co-founder
of Facebook Dustin Moskovitz and it is available as a mobile app only in Android
and iOS mobile phones. The free version of Asana lets only 15 members
collaborate on a task with to-do lists and project boards. If you opt for its
paid version then you get features like timeline, schedules, advanced
reporting, etc.

#12: Basecamp

Basecamp is another application to help you in project
management which is available for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows users. It is
generally designed for small scale projects with free features like the
messaging board, chat room, and file transfer. To get more features and to
collaborate with large teams, you need to purchase this app subscription.

D. For Time Tracking

Either you are employed or working as a freelancer, you need
to keep track of your time to have proof of what you are doing and how long
does it takes. Thankfully, there are various applications to keep track of your

#13: Time Doctor

Time Doctor is one of my favorite time tracking app as it
also helps you to be productive.

Key features of Time Doctor-

•             Time

•             Avoid

•             Website
and Application monitoring

•             Private
and Secure

•             Client

#14: My Hours

My Hours is a free time tracking software that helps you in
project management, track time and share your reports with clients or team

Features of My Hour are –

•             Time

•             Tasks and
Project tracking

•             Team

•             Report
sharing with clients

#15:  Toggl

Toggl is one of the most popular apps used for time tracking
which is specially designed for remote workers so that their clients or
employers have a proper record of their time.

applications for work from home - toggl

Image Source- Toggl

Salient features of Toggl are –

•             Track
your time

•             Create
proper reports

•             Team management

•             Integration
with Asana, Basecamp, Github, and Freshbooks

#16: Hubstaff

If you are one of those persons who cannot complete tasks
without pressure on their head then Hubstaff is for you. It takes a periodic
screenshot of what you are doing.

Features of Hubstaff –

•             Hourly
Employee Tracking

•             Take
periodic screenshots

•             Advanced

•             Headache
free payroll

•             Team

E. For Productivity

With a lot of distractions in your home, it is hard to stay
productive while working. This is one of the biggest struggles that remote
workers face. To help you to be more productive there are a variety of
applications for work from home.

#17:  TomatoTimer

Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique? According to this,
after working continuously for 25 min you should take a 3-5 min break to relax
your body and mind.

TomatoTimer app split your tasks into 25 min sprints and
reminds you after every 25 min to take a break for 3-5 minutes. In this way,
this app helps you to be more productive.

#18:  RescueTime

Do you know how much time you spend on apps like WhatsApp,
Facebook, Instagram?

RescueTime keeps a track of the time you spend on each app
and you can analyze your productivity with this. It also allows you to set a
limited time for a particular app to increase your productivity.

#19:  Perdoo

Have you ever wondered which system is used by Google, Uber
or Intel?

These companies have been using Perdoo. It allows you to set, update and analyze your own or company goals. You can also integrate Perdoo with Slack, Google Analytics, Asana, Salesforce, and many more apps.

#20: Focuslist

Focuslist is another alternative to TomatoTimer if you want to use a Pomodoro timer. Not only this, Focuslist also helps monitor your ongoing tasks.

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