Looking for a quick dose of inspiration??? Go through these top picks of the most creative ads by top brands.

We all need the inspiration to think of something new, something creative. And creativity is really contagious. So your first step, before thinking of a creative campaign, should be to go through the best of the campaigns of creative ads done by the best in the business.

Once you are through with the standard set by the best of ads, you would know in which direction you can plan? and what you have to compete with?

1. Sale> Women> Weight Lifting

The love and passion for shopping in the sale season are so cleverly and smartly depicted by this brand in this creative ad. Simple yet so ‘on-point’.

Source: webneel

2. LG: Twining Differently !!

Can you imagine presenting tough & soft in the same frame without using many words? We couldn’t before we saw this.

Source: webneel

3. ‘Save Animals’ Makes a lot more sense now:

Another spectacular idea!! Right from the hunter hunting animals to the end-user, all in one frame. Yet again, using minimal words, the idea is presented perfectly in this pick amongst the best creative ads.

Source: webneel

4. Freeze the Moment, Literally!!

One phrase Synonym with taking pictures is to ‘Freeze the Moment’ . We have said it, thought about it, know it. But only Olympus has nailed it, literally, freezing the moment.

Source: webneel

5. Sneakers came up with the best ads under ‘You are not you when you are hungry’ campaign:

Snickers have always come up with the best of creative ads under the campaign ‘you are not you when you are hungry’.

Source: webneel


Another one from snickers. No one has captured hunger as snickers.

Source: gagloop

7. Cutest Sugar Cubes in this ad. Oh yes!! there is also Fanta

There are many many sugarless or less sugar drink in the market but no one has pulled it like fanta.

Source: Pinterest

8. Orbit: When your Lunch meets Breakfast !!

We tried to think many times, how could someone land up to such creative ideas. Then came up with one idea, the designer probably had a lavish food day with an omelet in the morning and a chicken in lunch.

Source: howdesign

9. Don’t even need a tagline for this.

Source: howdesign

10. The reason for all the dirt in the house: Finally found

Source: webneel

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