January 24, 2021

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7 Stunning Video Advertising Campaigns

Video advertisement is an effective means of increasing revenue, client engagement or reaching new markets who need your services. At the one hand, thanks to social media and ad networks, video, the undisputed king of visual content, is now easier to build and distribute to your audience than ever before.

Here are seven top impressive top video as campaigns from which you can learn.

Society of Professional Journalists: ‘Fake News Trademark’

This insightful spot shows a journalist discussing why the word ‘fake news’ has been trademarked-because fake news is not in fact news. If the US president uses the word to undermine actual news, he violates the trademark now – and the community must enforce that. The video leads viewers to FakeNewsTM.com that has tips about how to spot real fake news and what journalists do to make sure they tell the facts.

Cadbury: ‘It’s a Bit Grown Up’

Cadbury launched a retro advertisement to celebrate all things ‘grown-up.’ Starring 80s- and 90s-stars Jason Donovan and Kim Wilde, the commercial spoke directly to those from both decades who are obsessed with pop culture – and encouraged them to check out the new chocolate bar.

Doritos: ‘Another Level’

Famous Doritos Chip brand got rid of its tagline and logo in hopes of appealing to a new generation – Gen Z – that doesn’t like open ads. Doritos has officially updated their famous ‘For the Brave’ tagline by launching a campaign aimed at inflaming customers to take what they enjoy to ‘Another Level.’

Tetley: ‘Now We’re Talking’

In its ad, Tetley’s rebrand explored the emotional realm of ‘togetherness’ which showed how a cup of tea could flow into the conversation. It mainly used to display a cat and dog, who can transcend their differences over a cup of tea.

KFC: ‘Chickendales’

Along with Chippendale dancers, KFC’s quirky Mother’s Day ad featured a topless Colonel Sanders to promote KFC’s partnership with Cinnabon for the special day.

Ikea: ‘Silence the Critics’

A late, and festive addition to the most-watched list was Ikea’s first foray into UK Christmas advertising, which saw a family taunted by their kitschy ornaments, spitting bars to persuade the family to experience some home upgrades.

Burger King: ‘Escape the Clown’

To establish the release of scary clown movie ‘It Number Two’-Burger King Germany took on its clown-faced rival, McDonald’s by offering up its restaurant as a refuge. The goal of # EscapeTheClown, targeting McDonald’s customers, was to get the fast foodies out of the golden arches and into the nearest Burger King.

What makes a good video?

  • In the first few seconds, it grips the eye – For the intrinsically eye-catching, a video advert will use the first three precious seconds to pull the viewers in.
  • It holds an emotional centre rooted in the viewer – Your ad should be offering something worthwhile, otherwise, viewers would not waste their time.
  • It is precisely tailored to its audience – Verify that you adapt your content to the state of mind and stage of your target audience in the marketing funnel.
  • It is not more than it needs to be – Popular advertisements these days are many minutes in length. But they have yet to be punchy and concise. For as long as the message needs to be conveyed, and no more.

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