April 11, 2019

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Brands are Happy to Un-Brand for #GameofThrones

Unbranding For Branding

That’s the Power of GoT, the Biggest Brand Success of All times.

Oreo, Mountain Dew, White Walkers etc, See how brands are ‘Branding’ without actual Branding in this article.

GoT, launched since 2011, has become one common favorite series globally. And the fever of final season is breaking all stereotypes of branding. Where HBO & GoT are leaving no stones unturned in raising the adrenaline rush before the launch by their creative branding ideas, the collaborated brands i.e. Oreo, Mountain dew & JOHNNIE WALKER are also setting new exceptionally creative examples in the name of marketing.


New Pack launched. In a bold move, Brand font was even changed to iconic GoT style. Recreated GoT title track with 2750 Oreo cookies.

Oreo launched a title video of Game of Thrones using 2750 Oreo cookies. The video was made by Agency 360i. Video promotes the limited edition GoT edition cookies in New  ‘Limited edition’ Packaging . Here’s the link

Oreo launched New pack with the Iron Throne, Compromising its own Oreo font for the first time to associate with GoT. The fans were encouraged to click pictures of Oreo pack & share on social media to support their favorite house of GoT.

Image source: Food & Wine

The Home page of Oreo.com is dedicated to GoT.  The video plays on the home page & the fans can pledge for their favorite house through clicking on 4 oreo biscuits representing 4 houses of GoT, which lands them to teasers page. Fans are able to announce their pledge to their favourite house on all social media platforms by sharing these teasers which depicts Oreo on the Iron throne.

Home Page of Oreo.com

Mountain Dew:

Another ‘Limited edition’ story

‘NotforSale’ CAN of MountainDew with only GoT branding without Iconic Branding of Mountain Dew launched

#ACanHasNoName campaign by Mountain dew made them reveal a pack with No iconic green colour of the brand, No Brand name of Mountain Dew on the Can. A video released with GoT title track background which showcases the original pack of mountain dew which gets white removing the iconic branding of Mountain dew & Mountain Dew-GoT version pack comes live. Video says ‘A Can Has No Name’. This is one of the boldest steps in Branding taken by Big Brands. The Can is not for sale.

As a part of this Campaign Mountain dew announced a twitter contest & Scavenger hunt whose winner will receive the limited edition Mountain Dew GoT Can.

Image source: Food & Wine

The Hunt says:

Tell us what you’d sacrifice using #ACanHasNoName #ForTheThrone #MTnsweepstakes for your chance to claim your limited edition @ Got MtndewCan.


Limited Edition Again

Image Source: The Whiskey Exchange

Another Packaging & branding dedicated to GoT. The home page of the johnnie walker.com again speaks out loudly about their ‘limited edition’ for Game of Thrones.

Adidas: ‘Limited Edition’

Adidas created 6 pairs of limited edition Adidas x Game of thrones sneakers based on the royal houses of Game of Thrones.

Image Source: The Pioneer

So, We would like to submit our research by concluding that Game of Thrones has ignited a new Game Of Unbranding for Branding.


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