May 27, 2019

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Dear Brand Manager! Its Ok

Dear Brand Manager, Its Ok to Fail Once

Failures have given more Powerful Brands & Brand Managers than otherwise


Read below how these iconic brand failures made them either a Smarter brand or a Stronger Brand

After years of Good presentations there comes a time when you realise that your timing is no longer with you.  When your intuition had been proved false and most scary part: your numbers are dipping. That’s when it hit you; Your Campaign is a failure.

A Failed Campaign either makes you Smarter or Stronger


Because it is only after a failure, you can make a comeback for the world to stand in applause.

Like these iconic brands who created history by not letting failures Stop them

1. Dove. In Oct’ 17 Dove released this ad on social media platforms which welcomed huge criticism. Although the brand theme was much accepted ‘skin lightening’ benefits, it was presentation of that theme that was criticised.

The Ad showed a black woman turning into a white woman after using Dove. The Brand officially apologised after the massive condemnation.

image Source: Twitter

2. Maggi: June 5 came as a nightmare for Nestlé’s most Iconic Brand Maggi & Also for millions of its Indian users. It was the date when FSSAI ordered a recall of all variants of the brand.

But marketing team quickly took the steering wheel in control.  Series of Videos were released with the hash Tag #WeMissYouToo where Maggi used different ways to express how people are missing them and at every end there was a message #WeMissYouToo.

A. Gajar

B. Pita Ji

C. Neighbours

D. Menu Cards



3. JWT: (J. Walter Thomson): is one of the worlds most famous marketing/advertising agency. But they just cannot delete the year of 2013 from their history.

In 2013, JWT India gave the world one of the most controversial Ad campaign of all times. The Ad featuring controversial images women tagged behind the backseat of Ford Figo created a hurricane in Indian Ad industry. and Even so, that both Indian division and the parent company had to apologies for this ad & the Creative Head had to loose his job.

But in 2014 the agency came back with “Make Every Yard Count” Campaign for Nike. And as reported by Economic Times, the campaign bagged 8 awards at Cannes ’14 & 41 awards at The GoaFest 2014.

4. Dominos: In September’17, Dominos Franchisee in Russia launched a Campaign ‘Dominos Forever’ and announced 100 free pizzas for 100 years for people getting Permanent tattoos of the brand. After 100’s of inked photos from fans, Dominos had put restrictions on maximum free pizza quantity (capped to 350) and size of the tattoo. Soon the campaign was discontinued. They deleted the posts & campaign Ads later.

Image Source : Fortune

So Even if its not working this time or the world is after you for one mistake, Dont Worry. Try to set an example on how to mend it. Because the world remembers it better.


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