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Top 7 Brand Ads Then & Now

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These Top 7 Brand Ads are probably older than many of us reading this article. So, here’s a comparison from our side between what and how they communicated then to how they communicate now.

Here are Top 7 Brand Ads what you must notice while scrolling down:

Long Tagline then, which are now small & Crisp

Too much material in Ad then & simpler spacious Ads now

Use of Colours Ofcourse

Creating Need: Direct & too obvious Demand then. Indirect demand Now ( Do see Number 5)

  1. When 5 Star is a chocolate bar produced by Cadbury’s and sold in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, South Africa, the Philippines and Egypt. It is described as a “caramel and nougat” mix covered with “smooth milk chocolate” and is sold in a golden wrapper decorated with stars.

2. When ‘Hero’ was different in Honda.

Then Tag Line (CD 100) : Fill It. Shut It. Forget it

Now Tag Line (Karizma): Above all

3. Bournvita for Kids :

Then: Brought up Right

Now: Great Stamina Better Concentration

3. Bournvita for Adults:

Then: The GoodNight Drink that becomes Tomorrows energy

Now: Strengthen Bones Reduce Fatigue

5. When Prem Chopra Starred in ‘Woh Kaun Thi’ Using Vaseline

Because of the limitation to show colours then, there was a need to express everything by words, that too directly. SO here you will have to imagine the look of Prem Chopra in Woh Kaun Thi, relate it, and then decide whether you want to buy the product. Now, just see the flawless skin of Shahid Kapoor on-screen and decide if you want such kin, buy the product. And no need to ask directly.

Done Miss ‘Then’ Tag Line: Stay Cool … Look Smart… Be Modern

6. Nokia Started it all…

Nokia is a Finnish multinational corporation founded on the 12 May 1865 as a single paper mill operation. Through the 19th century the company expanded, branching into several different products. In 1967, the Nokia corporation was formed. In the late 20th century, the company took advantage of the increasing popularity of computer and mobile phones

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