January 24, 2021

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TikTok Ads in the era of Marketing(How to create TikTok Ads)

TikTok Ads

Tiktok is a social media app that encourages users to upload short videos which are set to some music or sound. Most of the users upload videos of lip-syncing to music videos. While more talented, creative and enthusiastic members upload original content which helps them get a fanbase due to which they become an influencer on TikTok. Most videos are 15 seconds long but you can also create 60 seconds long story videos. Before moving on how to create Tiktok Ads, Let’s take a look at Tiktok app overview and the growth of TikTok.

Tiktok is owned by Bytemedia who launched a Chinese version of this app called Douyin in September 2016. In August 2018, Bytemedia acquired a popular app Musical.ly and after combining both the apps it gained a lot of popularity among youngsters.

The members of TikTok are increasing day by day. Currently, Tiktok has 800 million monthly active users every month. Tiktok does not only consist of music videos now, but you will also find some motivational videos, stand-up comedies, making people aware of social issues, dancers, educational content and much more.

Tiktok Demographics – Is it right for your business?

If target users for your business are young people then TikTok ads can turn out to be a great investment for you. 66% of the Tiktok audience is of age group 14-30, so this is not the right platform to cater to old people.

Social networking apps are firstly used by young people and then it makes a way to elder people. With each passing day, more and more elder people are joining TikTok. So you should learn about the platform as it might turn out to be useful for your business in the future.

Tiktok is the 6th largest social networking app now with more than 1.65 billion downloads. It was installed more than 738 million times in 2019 which makes it 2nd most downloaded app of the year after WhatsApp.

Do you have enough budget for Tiktok Ads?

When large businesses like Nike, Lifebuoy, Disney are running TikTok ads to gain impressions then it might turn out to be costly for small businesses.

If you are looking for a more affordable option then TikTok ads are not for you. As ads on these platforms are rare and new so they are quite costly. Tiktok ads start at an average of $10 per CPM and can go up to $300,000 for a larger campaign. You need to have at least $50 of minimum investment to run ads for good results.

If you think that TikTok ads are still right for your business then you can go ahead with these steps –

1: Create Tiktok Ads Account     

To create a TikTok ads account, visit Tiktok ads homepage and click on Create an Ad button. As TikTok ads are still in beta form, you cannot set up ads completely online. A form will pop up asking you a few details.

After filling up the form, a representative will help you to set up your account. It can take about 48 hours to receive your account.

2: Create the ad campaign

After you have received your account, go to the TikTok ads dashboard. At the top of the page click the Campaign button and then on the Create button.

Image Source – Socialmediaexaminer

Then it will ask you your ad objective which means the primary goal for your ad campaign. It will give you three options – Traffic, conversions and app install. Choose one of them according to your business goal.

TikTok Ads
Image Source – Socialmediaexaminer

After this, you will see the budget options under settings. There are two options – a daily budget or monthly budget. For selecting any of the two you just have to put a minimum value of $500.

3: Set your Tiktok Ads placement and targeting

After creating the ad campaign, the next step is to create an ad group for your campaign. Tiktok ads let you choose your placement and targeting.

Tiktok lets you select the platforms on which you want to run the ads. This not only includes TikTok but also apps like Buzz Video, News Republic, Vigo Video and others. You also get the option of automatic placements where TikTok will itself select the best platforms to run your ads for better performance.

After selecting the placements, enter all details including specific URLs, display names, images and categories to start running your ads. You can also select 20 keywords to describe your website or app which will help TikTok to identify the best audience for you.

Tiktok also lets you select the targeted audience according to age, location, interests, gender, languages and many more to help you achieve the best results. You can also target specific profiles according to your business. To do this, create a list of custom profiles user ids and upload it in CSV, TXT or ZIP file.

Image Source – Socialmediaexaminer

4: Select your Tiktok Ad Budget, Duration, and Goal

Now choose budget.duration and goal of your ad campaign.

Set ad budget and schedule

The budget and schedule section allows you to set a budget for your ad campaign. You get two options- daily budget (the amount you can spend each day) and total budget(the amount you can spend in the duration of your ad campaign). You need to have a minimum $50 budget for either daily budge or total budget to run your ad campaign.

Image Source – Socialmediaexaminer

Also, choose the schedule of your ads which means the duration of your ad campaign. Dayparting allows you to select a specific time of a day or week at which you want to run the ad.

Select the Pacing option

Set the pacing of your budget which means the speed at which you want to spend your budget. If you select the Standard delivery option, your budget will spend evenly during the whole duration of your ad campaign and if you select an accelerate option, your budget will spend fastly during the scheduled period.

Choose your optimization goal

The optimization goal means selecting the aim of your ad campaign. You can optimize your ad campaign for impression, click or conversions and your bidding strategy will be optimized according to your goal.

If you select conversion as your goal then TikTok will show your ads to those who are most likely to buy your product/service. Tiktok itself will optimize your budget according to your goal.

If you select clicks as your goal then you will be charged according to CPC(cost per click) and TikTok will optimize your ad to get as many clicks as possible.

If your goal is getting maximum impressions then you will be charged according to CPM(cost per mile) which means the price of thousand impressions.

Turn smart optimization on/off

Tiktok gives you an option of smart optimization, if it’s enabled then TikTok will itself optimize your ad for the maximum number of conversions. If you have selected click or impression as your optimization goal then its good to disable smart optimization.

5: Design your Tiktok Ads

Your TikTok ad can be horizontal, vertical or square video and images. Tiktok provides you a tool called “Video Creation Kit” which contains the various images and video templates to edit your existing photos.

Currently, there are three types of TikTok ads –

•             Brand Takeovers – Brand takeover ad appears instantly when you open the TikTok app. This ad can redirect you to any other video or an internal/external link. These types of ads are much costly and are limited to one user each day. The brand Lifebuoy is running Brand Takeover ad featuring Shilpa Shetty.

•             In-Feed Ads – In-feed ads appear in between the organic TikTok videos while scrolling through the feed. They can also redirect to you a website or app. In-feed ads are much affordable than Brand takeovers.

•             Hashtag challenges – For this, you have to collaborate with the Tiktok marketing team to create sponsored hashtags so that it encourages users to share content for your business. A hashtag challenge generally lasts for 6 days.

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