December 1, 2020

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How multi level marketing strategy has worked for Amway

amway multi level marketing

amway Business strategy

Multi level marketing is popularly known as network marketing or referral marketing. People are making money by networking with others to sell the products. When customers make a purchase, MLM distributors and recruiters make a commission. Building more networks brings more commissions.

Amway (American Way) is a US-based multi level marketing company that markets products on various categories like health, beauty, and home care products across the world. Amway attempts to utilize renewable resources and most dependable agricultural practices to reduce greenhouse gasses.

Starting with just six products in India, Amway now sells more than 140 products of distinct categories in today’s market and 60% of the direct sellers are women – one of the most successful brand with multi level marketing strategic plan.

direct selling company in the world-Amway

Multi level marketing Strategy & Direct Selling

Amway is the best example of a direct selling multi level marketing strategy. It is the No. 1 direct selling company in the world and has its presence in more than 110 countries and territories across the world.

Direct selling involves selling products directly to its customers in a non-retail environment (through a distributor). Therefore finding a distributor is the only way to purchase the products and it is usually hard to find their products in the retail market.

With a dominant network marketing strategy, Amway has also shown significant progress towards e-commerce selling. Amid challenges in direct marketing, Amway believes solely in customer trust and their expertise.

Customers are the Brand Ambassadors & Endorsers of Amway.

Multi level marketing

Amway is more of a customer-centric organization, where business owners convey the benefits of innovative products with face to face interaction with customers.

Amway believes largely in B2C and C2C e-commerce business model.  Amway does have some bottlenecks like misleading customers appointed by a competitor which worsens the brand image, changes in the lifestyle of customers, buyer’s bargaining power, etc.

PRICING STRATEGY– How it differs in Multi-level Marketing Plan??

The pricing of Amway products is more suited to the middle class and upper-class people. These products are marginally expensive than other competitor’s products but provide more high-grade quality.

Only with the help of premium pricing policy, the company can survive in the market, because the dealers and customers have enough margin to be received as commission when the product is sold.

Amway mission

Vision and Mission

The vision of Amway is to provide a better life to its customers and mission is to facilitate the best business opportunities and to deliver a high-quality product to the customers. They further frame several schemes to attract new customers and retain their existing customers.

The brand image is the most useful tool for the company to gain a competitive advantage. Providing a warranty for a definite period for products gives an upper hand over other products in the market.


Amway has implemented a new Omni-channel retail strategy. It is a multi-channel sales and marketing approach that helps the company to integrate physical and digital worlds to deliver outstanding shopping experience to the customers.

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Let’s take an example to understand the Omni-channel strategy.

The most popular coffee shop Starbucks practices Omni-channel strategy. Starbucks applies the Omni-channel strategy and provides a seamless user experience to their customers. Whenever a Starbuck user pays via card or mobile, reward points are added to the user’s account. This app also allows the user to find the nearby Starbucks shop and order drinks well before you arrive at the shop for a quicker experience.

Likewise, Amway has also adopted this strategy to pass on the commission to the distributors even when a sale is made online. By applying this strategy, the upcoming e-commerce platform (Amway) will provide their customers with a similar experience like Flipkart and Amazon.

Campaigns- Amway

To address the rising problem of malnutrition among children below the age of 5, Amway started the Power of 5 campaign. The main object of this campaign is to identify malnourished children and develop nutrition practices amongst the mothers and caregivers of the children.

To encourage a regular balanced diet, Amway launched #EatHardEatSmart campaign to live a healthy lifestyle.

Amway has also started One by One campaign for supporting the children in need.

Proud sponsorships of Amway

After scouting opportunities in college football, Amway became the proud sponsors of the USA Today Coaches poll. You can also check the weekly pool in USA TODAY. Amway is also conferring the sponsorship of American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Coaches Trophy, which is the iconic Waterford Crystal football presented at the end of the season.

Amway promotes its products using elite athletes and teams who are committed to wellness as their proud ambassadors.

Amway has served more than 71 million households since its inception and acts continuously to lessen the consumption of non-renewable resources and offer an environmentally friendly product.


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