Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

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PM: Prime Minister or Product Manager?


Election-campaigns 2019 had seen some of the best examples of the ambush marketing. BJP campaigns, lead by our Prime minister Narendra Modi, had taken the country by storm. Irrespective of the view how they have handled country, BJP, more specifically PM Modi, has a strong Product Manager mind. Let see how they planned their 2019 election campaign.

After congress started their communication targeting Prime Minister, Chowkidaar chor hai, MODI immediately responded and planned an entire campaign on this remark and then, was born a very well planned: #MainBhiChowkidaar campaign.

What was even more interesting is, it is being said Prime Minister Himself has designed all of these tools.

As a part of this campaign,

  1. Prime Minister Modi added Chowkidaar prefix to his name, which was followed by all party members.
  2. Total 5 videos were Launched.

The main video started with PM Modi addressing the audience saying the countrymen to feel safe as their Chowkidaar is on duty. It then depicts all the major initiatives taken by the govt in last 5 years (2014-2019).  

-The other 4 videos were meant to touch almost sections of society like Chowkidaars themselves, doctors, engineers, teachers, Corporate people, farmers, artists, depicting all of them are Chowkidaars in their respective role. The videos also give a reminder of important campaigns started by PM Modi: Swachh Bharat & Anti-Corruption.

Here you can see them all:

3. ‘Narendra Modi App’ is also an important part of the entire campaign: The app, initially launched in 2015 to connect the party members, was taken steps ahead and general public was asked to download the app and give feedback of the MP on his work in their area in terms of development, infrastructure, cleanliness & public dealing. Almost 6.5 Lacs people from 500 constituencies responded to that survey. In Sep 2018, two new yet important people engaging activities started:

Slogan T-shirts/caps of Namo again & Main-Bhi-Chowkidaar were sold. Merchandise of value more than 5 Cr was sold in first 3 months.

Micro-Donations for BJP, starting from Rs 5.

It was not majorly a profit-making move, but to identify the supporters of BJP. As the buyers of NaMo merchandise is likely to be the supporters of BJP. Also, people donating through the app were the core supporters of BJP.

Also, PM Modi used the feedback received through the app about MPs as an important tool in selecting the election candidates for 2019 elections.

It’s inspiring to see such analytical and well studied facts & numbers being used in elections.

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