April 11, 2019

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Snapchat Focus on India.

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With its main Competitor Instagram having second highest user base from India, Snap is all geared up to increase user base from India, a second most potential online market.

In 2017, Snapchat CEO Evan Speigel reportedly faced aggression from Indians worldwide for saying they are not interested in expanding the app in poor countries like India. Indians uninstalled the app & shares dropped down by 1.5%.

But then strategies to grow number of users were worked on. Snapchat was launched in India. Here’s why India is so important for snapchat.:

  • India is home to half-a-billion internet users.
  • India is the second largest smart phones market in world.
  • As per reports, Snapchat is the 10th most active social networking site in India which is way low compared to its competitor Instagram.
  • Monthly active users of Facebook 2.25 Billion, Instagram is  1 billion MAUs, Where as for snapchat is 255 Mn MAU.
  • Snapchat has had 75% yoy growth in India with a robust audience base.
  • TikTok & Instagram, which are already successful, are competitors of snapchat, have a huge user base from India. Instagram has second highest audience from India.

New Strategies By Snapchat focussing India:

Snapchat has launched 8 new beta languages in which 4 are Indian languages to capture the non English speaking audience of India.

Snapchat has allies with Kolkata Knight Riders ,Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, and Rajasthan Royals for IPL season 2019.

Fans are asked to follow their favourite team on Snapchat where the team mates will be sharing the behind the scenes & in home videos for their fans.

Lets see what impact of these strategies put on snapchat’s ranking of social marketing sites of India.


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