November 5, 2019

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SWOT analysis of Company Honda

SWOT analysis of Company Honda

This article is about the detailed SWOT analysis of company Honda. Honda is an organization adored since ages for the brilliant machines that it has given us. Honda is a shrewd player in the market and is constantly known to be one stage in front of the market and consequently, the organization has once in a while endured in its decades-long residency. Let’s do the SWOT Analysis of Company Honda to get a proper analytic view of the brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT).

Here is the SWOT analysis of Company Honda.



1) Largest motorcycle manufacturer–

There are numerous plumes at the top of Honda engines yet perhaps the greatest bit of leeway is that it is the world’s biggest bike producer. It has a lot of the market for cruisers.

2) Largest internal combustion engines manufacturer–

Like cruisers, Honda engines additionally have a huge nearness in the burning motor market which is utilized for planes, fly skis, yachts or any overwhelming motor utilization.

3) Eight largest automobile manufacture

Besides being the world’s number 1 car producer, Honda engines are additionally the eight biggest makers of Automobiles. It has a solid and limited item portfolio.

4) Excellent R&D–

One of the reasons that Honda has had the option to accomplish these statures is a direct result of its attention on R&D and its labor utilized in R&D. Henceforth Honda is continually thinking of rich and productive structures that are a hit in the market.

5) High technology products

As Honda has high innovation items, the passage obstructions are high and henceforth the brand has not beaten over the most recent quite a long while. At the point when you consolidate the total item arrangement of Honda, you will see how solid the organization is innovative.

6) Brand equity over the years–

Honda has had the option to give hit items after hit items. Its Honda Accord is one of the most adored vehicles as is the Honda CRV. In cruisers, there are numerous items with high designing which spot Honda a long way ahead in its image value than a large number of its rivals. In 2015, it is the nineteenth most important brand and has a brand estimation of 22 billion dollars.

7) Market share–

As can be seen from the above focuses, because of its assembling advantage, Honda has a significant piece of the pie in a large portion of the items that it fabricates.

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1) High costs and prices–

Naturally, with a high interest in R&D and into the most recent innovation, the expense of the item goes high and the valuing to end clients is high also. This may be a shortcoming of Honda however it needs to have this shortcoming since it can’t decrease its image value by bringing down the costs.

2) Needs products for the masses –

One normal objection about Honda autos is that the vehicles are just for the upper-white collar class and Honda needs more car portfolios for the lower working class, which effectively other carmakers like Hyundai and Maruti are focusing on.

3) Hero and Honda separation in India –

At least in India, Honda engines endured seriously when Hero and Honda were isolated. Therefore, Honda has needed to replan its quality in India.



1) Electric and alternative fuel vehicles –

This division is focused on the eventual fate of the car advertise wherein individuals will request the use of clean vitality since fuel like Petrol and Diesel just as CNG has its constraints.

2) Automobiles increasing –

The quantity of cars over the world is expanding. One reason is the expansion in purchasing the intensity of people, another is that it is a social standard presently to have a cruiser or a vehicle. In this manner, utilization is at an unequaled high.

3) Expansion in developing countries –

Because of the ascent in purchasing power, and the simple car burdens gave by banks, the acquisition of autos is rising particularly in creating nations. Honda needs to exploit this rise sought after and catch the market quickly.

4) Product expansion –

Adding more items in the portfolio and making more variations to expand the product offering are two strategies ordinarily utilized via Automobile makers. There are numerous contemplations to be attempted before propelling another model. Be that as it may, item development is the way to develop in an aggressive market.



1) Competition

Competition from nearby and local or national players in every one of the nations it is available in is imprinting the incomes of Honda.

2) Fuel prices –

Although individuals have more supports now for purchasing vehicles, the increasing expense of fuel is alarming everybody and is one reason that numerous individuals are still reluctant to purchase autos, on the grounds that later on the fuel cost paid is all the more than the vehicle.

3) Rising transportation and other costs –

One of the perspectives tormenting all car producers is transportation just as assembling and work costs. With the expansion, these expenses are consistently on the ascent and consequently are a point of concern.

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