October 17, 2019

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SWOT analysis of Company Nokia

SWOT analysis of NOKIA

Nokia, when the world’s biggest seller of cell phones, is a well-known Finnish data innovation and correspondences global company which gives media transmission hardware and administrations. The cell phone brand, acclaimed for the dependability and strength its telephones give, has ruled the portable market for a long time with its maxim ‘associating individuals’. So let’s start a SWOT analysis of NOKIA.

As of late, the handset division and administrations of the brand were procured by programming mammoth Microsoft and from that point forward Nokia has discharged various telephones under the Windows umbrella. Along these lines, remembering every one of these focuses, let’s do a SWOT analysis of Nokia, to get a proper analytic view of the brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)

SWOT analysis of Nokia


In this topic, we can discuss strength of Nokia.

1. Nokia telephones have more noteworthy worth if the client needs to resale when contrasted with other contending brands.

2. A large portion of Nokia’s telephones is easy to understand and generally combined with various helpful extras.

3. Nokia items are open and are accessible in expansive value ranges.

4- The greatest cell phone maker over the globe.

5. Nokia has a various workforce and productive.

6. Nokia is ruling the portable market over the world, in the cell phone industry too.


In this part, the shortcomings of Nokia are talked about:

1. A couple of results of Nokia are excessively expensive for lower and even to white-collar class clients that frequently negatively affects their ventures.

2. However, Nokia got an analysis of terrible administrations after-deals.

3. Nokia, the mobile phone organization has made generally lower incomes due to a decline in marketing projections due to serious challenges. The benefits of Nokia have dropped by 7 percent in the year 2014.

4. There are falls in the advancement of Nokia with its scope of Lumia Windows Smartphones because of nonstop contention looked by iOS and Android.

5. Nokia set aside a long effort to enter the blasting and exceptionally gainful market of Smartphones. Subsequently, Nokia loses huge piece of the pie and confronted misfortunes.

6. Nokia items are unimaginable and estimated a lot higher in contrast with Chinese telephones.

7. Besides, in 2008, the organization advanced that it shut its circulation of versatile handsets, just as dropped E71 appropriation.


Resulting in discourse qualities and shortcomings of Nokia, presently we will talk about outer factor:

1. Open doors for extension of the item range and their expenses. Likewise, Nokia acquires new applications and highlights iOS and Windows.

2. The arrangement among Nokia and Microsoft is a helpful one for the two firms. This arrangement has a fantastic chance if Microsoft and Nokia use assets in a suitable way.

3. Feel, snappy and elegant of mobile phones drive new market and there is the adequate interest of clients for design PDAs constantly 2010

4. The cell phone market of Asia-Pacific is the quickest developing over the word.


The last part incorporates threats looked by Nokia, some of them are as per the following:

1. Risk of ease by Chinese cell phones and others rise as a major issue.

2. The Serious challenges from Apple, Samsung, and different firms will make it hard for Nokia to extend and continue its offer in the market.

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