November 11, 2019

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SWOT Analysis of Yes Bank

Yes bank swot analysis

Yes Bank is a popular Banking and Financial Services company that was formed during the year 2004 and is headquartered in Maharashtra, India. It has been perceived as the quickest and the top developing bank in India. It grows the vast majority of its incomes by methods for orchestrating syndicated advances and furthermore by methods for corporate banking. This article is about the detailed SWOT analysis of Yes Bank.

Yes Bank works as three principle substances like Yes Bank, Yes Capital, and Yes Asset Management Services. Their business activities deal with Commercial Banking, Corporate and Institutional Banking, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial Marketing, and Retail Banking. Starting at now, Yes Bank has around 1150 branches and in excess of 1800 ATMs in India.

It has a monetary record of about Rs, 250,000 crores and Gross NPA of about 1.73% along these lines making it the fourth-biggest private bank part in India. This bank has been recorded on the National Stock Exchange of India, Bombay Stock Exchange, and London Stock Exchange.

Indeed Bank is focused on its clients to give exhaustive banking and money related arrangements. It additionally gives its corporate customers a total assortment of venture and banking administrations in India and at the worldwide level by teaming up with the monetary accomplices.

Through this article, let us discuss the SWOT analysis of Yes Bank.


Yes bank Strengths

Biggest Private Sector Bank –

Yes Bank is India’s fourth-biggest private division bank. It is perceived as the top and quickest developing bank in India Banking League Tables by the renowned media houses and Global Advisory Firms.

Expanded Business –

Yes Bank has its business tasks in numerous territories like Commercial Banking, Corporate, and Institutional Banking, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial Marketing, and Retail Banking.

Management –

Yes Bank has top administration who are exceptionally experienced and take any business choices successfully for the correct working of the business objectives.

Very good quality Technology –

Yes Bank utilizes top of the line innovation for its smooth working banking and money related exercises.

Fund Raising  –

Yes Bank can raise assets as they have managed remote shareholding.

Human Capital –

Yes Bank has effective human money to do its start to finish exercises.

Availability –

Yes Bank account holders can get to their financial exercises whenever and from anyplace. It gives more proficiency and better accommodation.

Listings –

 Yes Bank has been recorded in the National Stock Exchange of India, Bombay Stock Exchange, and London Stock Exchange.

Awards and Recognition-

Yes Bank has been prevalent and is a glad achiever of numerous honors like ‘India’s Fastest Growing Bank of the Year’ given by Bloomberg UTV Financial Leadership Awards during the year 2011 and the ‘Bank of the Year India’ by The Banker London during the year 2015.

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Swot of yes bank -Weaknesses

Security over Digital Media –

 Since the banking and monetary exchanges of Yes Bank occurs using advanced media, there is a high danger of security in their business tasks. The acknowledgment level of individuals to include cash through computerized mode isn’t supported by many.

Utilization of Digital in Rural Area –

In the majority of the provincial territories, the use of advanced media isn’t solid for banking and monetary reason.

Heterogeneous Client –

Yes Bank is ineffectively arranged to address the heterogeneous customer prerequisites.

Change in Laws and Regulations –

Whenever there is an adjustment in law and guidelines forced by the administration, it can influence the business tasks of the bank.


Yes bank Opportunities

Huge Asset in one Client –

Yes Bank has huge resources per customer that give a colossal chance to serve them and furthermore developed in the banking and budgetary administrations.

Worldwide Market –

Yes Bank has a great deal of permeability in the worldwide market with fewer obstructions. This is giving a chance to the bank to go worldwide and flourish their business objectives.

Extending Services to Clients –

Yes Bank offers an extended warning and modified administrations to the customers, banks, and speculators. This will attempt to give them a chance to upgrade their business.

Business goals towards middle and lower-income groups –

Unlike different banks that fundamentally target upper working-class parts, Yes bank grows its business to try and take into account the center and lower salary gathering of the general public.

Awareness in Digital Media –

Increasing mindfulness in the computerized media among individuals gives a gigantic chance to the bank to provide food to more clients.

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Security Issues –

At whenever, on the off chance that the bank faces any security-related issues, at that point it turns into a genuine danger to the bank. It is hard to pick up client certainty again later in such cases.

High Fee ­–

The bank’s high charge arranging intensity of the customers is without a doubt a tremendous risk to the bank’s the same old thing.

Worldwide Competitors –

The nearness of numerous worldwide goliaths in the banking and money administrations is a major danger for the bank to continue in this market.

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