February 26, 2021

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Creative Sense: The X-factor of Product Manager

Creative sense

If I count the qualities required to be a successful product manager like Focus, Hard-working, analytical, organized, etc the count will remain incomplete till I add Creativity to it. Creative Sense: The X-factor of Product Manager.

All of the other qualities are quantitative, hence any other product manager can become better than the other. But Creative-sense is the only X-factor that no one can take away from a Product manager. But is Creative-sense in simple terms, creativity? NO Giving the USP of product a Creative touch is the Creative Sense of a product manager, which makes his work unique & irreplaceable.

Let’s see some examples of creative sense?

Legrand India: On-Ground campaign

For those who couldn’t connect, Legrand is the global specialist in electrical & digital building infrastructure. Electricians are the backbone of the trade Legrand is in & so in a beautifully designed On-Ground campaign, Legrand touched hearts of electricians in more than 15 cities.

#ComeHomeToPujo campaign was launched in 2016 & continued in Diwali 2018 under name #ComeHomeToCelebrations.

Target customers for Legrand were Electricians. As electricians are the busiest during Diwali & are unable to decorate their own house, The Legrand team went on the ground to the house of electricians in 15 cities to decorate their home while they themselves were on duty.

Also, a beautiful short film with the same message was circulated on every social media platform.

FOG Deodrants & Perfumes: Commercial Ad campaign

Fog was a just another deodorant & perfume brand whose ad could have featured any regular format. Instead, they came up with a most creative concept: caught hold of one of the most commonly used questions in India Kya chalra hai? Fog chalra hai.

And the campaign was a hit.

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‘SOLO: Text Highlighter’Print Ad campaign

‘SOLO: Text Highlighter’ Print Ad campaign

‘Separate your self from Clutter’ so simple yet clearly defines the product & Tagline ‘Keeps u Organised’ tells u exactly why your audience needs your product. The design element also in sync with the message. Overall, it was an impressive work by the marketer.

Now one example to learn from. This print-ad clearly depicts that lack of creative leaves no space for catching audience attention and hence, the campaign might end up amongst a thousand others alike with no ROI.

Featherlite: Print Ad campaign in-flight magazine: Honestly, a waste of space

Tagline: ‘Furniture that works for you’ & just furniture in design, must have worked 10 years before but now, you need to convince the audience that they need your product.

Feather lite: Print Ad campaign in flight magazine

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