Social Media campaign for ChocOn

Social Media campaign for ChocOn Premium

The client required a promotional campaign for ChocOn chocolates. ChocOn is one of Company Mahak’s most important brands, with which it entered the chocolate industry in India. The Client turned to RnT communications for a promotional & Brand Awareness campaign. 

Client’s Requirement:

Promotion plan for ChocOn:

The client required a promotional campaign for ChocOn to reach the maximum of audiences and establish its name in the chocolate industry among the competitors.

Brand Positioning:

Change the perception of people and reposition the brand Image that leaves its impression on the consumer’s mind.

Industry: Food, Restaurant
Creative Type: Social Media Campaigns
Tags: Social media campaign, Social media post, Promotion, ORM, Promotional event, Event, social media management

Agency Information

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Agency’s Approach

Research & Analysis:

After analyzing the current situation of the brand, it was concluded that the approach needs to be unique and completely remodeled from the previous one.


Target Audience:

ChocOn was targeted to the lower middle class. It was delivered in a rural area where there are no facilities for storing chocolates. The price of an individual ChocOn was set accordingly.


 Product Insights:

ChocOn is not actually a bar of chocolate. It is a replacement of chocolate for the places where it is difficult to store chocolate products. ChocOn was introduced at rural areas because the product can survive in extreme weather conditions.



The product had different kind of fillings in it. Due to this, the tagline “Apki ChocOn me Kya Hai?” suited best which gives consumer an excitement to try it.



The Brand cam alive right after the launch.

The brand gained recognition among the competitors in the market.

The purchasing rate increased in rural as well as urban areas.

A large audience engagement due to its unique features.

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