Complete Branding for Addiction

Complete Branding for Addiction Premium

A homemade chocolate brand, Addiction, needed complete branding for their home-made products. Brandrecall was hired to launch a campaign of hand-made chocolates. We researched and classified it as a Premium Brand due to its hand-made specialty and high quality. To make it appealing and premium, we designed a logo and packaging with royal colors. A successful campaign had done by Brandrecall which resulted in Addiction as a premium chocolate brand.

About Client:
Addiction is a home-made chocolate brand known for the premium quality & the rich taste, it offers to the customers.

Complete  Project description including the Client's requirement, agency's approach & Results achieved from the Campaigns are mentioned below.

Client Requirements:
Brand Positioning:
Position the brand among its well-established competitors in the chocolate industry.
Promotion Plan as a Premium Product:
Build the brand’s image as a premium and high-quality hand-made chocolate brand especially for auspicious occasions.


Industry: Food, Restaurant
Creative Type: branding
Tags: branding, corporate, SME, MSME, design, print media, advertisement, ad

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Agency's Approach:


The logo consisted of royal colors and has a calligraphic font used to give it a premium look. It has patterns devised that exhibits premium quality.

Product Insights:

The product is hand-made chocolates but are rich in quality and taste. So, it needs to be categorized as a premium brand and not just a local brand. 


The packaging of the product is in a royal color with bits of golden colors used. It has the minimal display of brand to give it subtle look and ribbons of the same color are used to give it a quality vibes.

Target Audience:

All the chocolate lovers and people who prefer chocolates as a gift on occasions are the target audience. The packaging is also designed in a way that attracts the potential audience.


Cards, Packaging, Launch Campaign, Logo, Branding


●    The brand came out as a premium chocolate brand.
●    Brand positioned itself in the market as a rich quality hand made chocolates among the competitors.
●    A very successful launch of the campaign which created a buzz 

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