Digital Campaign for DSPORTs

Digital Campaign for DSPORTs Premium

One of the most successful digital campaigns planned & executed by 45 degrees - for event marketing of DSports in India. The campaign included social media marketing on platforms like Facebook & Twitter, Google Display Network (GDN) Campaign, Mailers, Digital Newsletter services. All the efforts resulted in generating a good number of leads & drew attention to the events.


About Client: 

DSport is an India-centric sports channel, launched by Discovery Asia-pacific on 6 February 2017. The channel caters to sports fans with a rich catalog of more than 4,000 hours of live content every year. DSport telecasts a wide range of leagues and events from various sports including football, cricket, wrestling, golf, horse racing, cycling, motorsports, rugby, and action sports.


Client's Requirement: 

The Client required us to 

- Plan Multiple promotion campaigns for digital marketing of different events telecasted on Dsports Channel. Some of the major events were Le de tour France, Major League Soccer, Saff Suzuki Cup 2018, and India Sports Connect.

- Design Promotional creative ads, highlighting key information about the events.

- Create Awareness about the events & increase audience base.


Industry: Electronics, Technology
Creative Type: ad
Tags: Social media campaign, Social media post, Promotion, ORM, Promotional event, Event, social media management

Agency Information

45 degree Premium

Based in Delhi, 45 Degree is a full-fledged digital marketing agency that has...

Services: Web development, Digital marketing, Creative agency, Advert...

Service Charges: Minimum = Rs. 50,000

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Agency’s Approach:

Creative Advertisements highlighting key information of the events were designed & planned for various events.

Awareness campaigns were executed through multiple digital channels which included social media marketing on platforms like Facebook & Twitter, Google Display Network (GDN) Campaign, Mailers, Digital Newsletter services.

We regularly created property-specific buzz to reach out to our prospective sponsors.






- Facebook: we generated around 0.4 Million likes on the page and we were able to reach around 3.9 Million audience on the page. Our various Facebook campaigns generated around 55 Million impressions

- Twitter: we were able to create around 1 Million impressions with our various campaigns on the page

- Website: we were able to generate over 1.12 Million views

- Our GDN campaigns has generated over 100 Million impressions till now

  We used other tools like Google Display network, Mailers and digital newsletter services which generated good eyeballs for our properties

- Property Highlight – E-Gaming and ROH and has generated good eyeballs on our social platforms but CSL and MLS brought more interaction on our various social pages

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