Logo for Adventure Exhibition 1

Logo for Adventure Exhibition 1

Uttarakhand was launching an exhibition of equipment used in adventurous activities. It was launched under the name “Uttarakhand Adventure Equipment Exhibition”. It was a government-held exhibition and the tender for the project was offered to Pawan Kumar. took this perfect opportunity to showcase my creativity with a limited area of exploration. A logo design was required that justifies the purpose of the exhibition.


Client’s Requirement:

Digital Launch Campaign:

Create a digital campaign for the exhibition of types of equipment used in adventurous activities.

Audience Awareness:

Make more audience aware of the exhibition by creating a design which compliments the purpose of the whole event.

Industry: Sports
Creative Type: logos
Tags: logo design, Design, Designing, mock-up, mock-ups, Exhibition, Government project, freelancer

Freelancer Information

Pawan Kr.

Pawan Kumar is a graphic designer based in Delhi and provides services in the fo...

Services: Advertise campaigning , Print design , GIFs , Videos , Illus...

Service Charges: Minimum = Rs. 15,000

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Agency’s Approach

Highlighting the purpose:

The design was created by the motive to indicate all the types of equipment exhibited in the event. It made people aware of the purpose of the event.

Using GIFs:

Gifs were used in the logo which enhances the list of products that were going to exhibit in the event. The black color gave it a more lively look.


  1. The logo of the event was loved by all.
  2. More and more audiences engaged in the exhibition.

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