Branding for Vega by Liquid Loop

Branding for Vega by Liquid Loop Premium

Vega is one of the leading beauty accessory brands in India. A one-stop-shop for ‘head to toe’ beauty tools. They have an unparalleled range of Hair Brushes, Hair Combs, Makeup Brushes, Manicure, Pedicure, Bath, Face, and Hair Accessories to cater to all types of hair, skin, face, and body.

Liquid Loop was hired to plan & execute a promotional campaign for the Brand Vega.

Industry: Beauty
Creative Type: branding
Tags: brochure, branding, corporate, design, print media, advertisement, ad

Agency Information

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Service Charges: Minimum = Rs.50,000

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Client’s Requirement:

A communication campaign that would announce the launching of hate straighteners and dryers in the Indian market.

Create brand recall with cutting-edge consumer engagement activities in retail.

Push the brand positioning of the parent brand and its range of beauty accessory products.

Strategize, design and launch a campaign for launching the company’s new product line of Hairdryers and straighteners to fashion-conscious youth of India. Even though this category has been growing very steadily, the presence of MNC players makes it quite competitive.

Agency’s Approach:

Conceived and launched a complete ATL campaign.

Marketed and communicated the brand through a new thought process and adopted GLAM IT! FLAUNT IT! as an overall essence that would describe the brand.

New packaging, shop POS, POS were created.

Strategized and created a digital campaign “U & I “and ran a contest on Facebook which resulted in 15,000 likes.

4, 00,000 users hitting the Facebook page during the promotional period.

Posted regular PR Blogs to promote brand awareness.


There was a renewed awareness of the company’s newly launched products.

Overall sales were quite satisfactory across all the retail counters.

There was an overall shift in the brand positioning of the Company.

Consumer activation and the other digital connect programs are in process.

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