March 6, 2021

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Top 12 Digital Marketing strategies to skyrocket your brand during Coronavirus

digital marketing strategies during coronavirus


Amid this coronavirus outbreak, I hope you all are taking enough precautions recommended by the WHO. The world is facing a very serious issue and we must be prepared to tackle it. Businesses are getting affected and economies of countries are falling. People are locked down in their homes, so businesses are opting for digital marketing strategies during coronavirus impact.

According to data intelligence company Predict HQ, coronavirus led to 500% increase in cancellation and postponing of significant events of just February month. One of my friend was hugely disappointed due to the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress(MWC) 2020 due to Coronavirus outbreak. It was one of the biggest trade fairs in which his company was going to participate. Millions of dollars and months of preparation just went in vain due to last-minute cancellation of the event. The total number of 225 events were canceled last months and the number will increase in the month of March.

But this is not 2008, in 2008 financial crisis B2B companies played safe by cutting their marketing budgets. This time companies have decided to invest their funds allocated for exhibitions in online marketing which is a e good idea. As per a report of Center of Exhibition Industry Research 2018, B2B marketers spend 40% of their budget on exhibitions and trade fairs while online marketing just needs 8% of the budget which is five times less.

But the good news is this is not going to last forever. China has not reported a single domestic coronavirus case in the last three days. This is a temporary situation, so keep working strategically so that you will not be left behind from your competitors when coronavirus is over.

Here I am sharing with you 12 Digital Marketing strategies to skyrocket your online brand during Coronavirus:–


1. Increase Social Media Engagement

Whether your corona test is positive or negative, we all are taking precautions and it is necessary too as “Precaution is better than cure”. Everyone is locked in their homes, markets are closed and there is a lockdown in the country. This is the time when everyone is hooked on their phones and social media engagement is much greater than before.
Use this opportunity strategically to get ahead of your competitors without being insensitive. Use your business to help the government in fighting coronavirus by contributing to food banks and promote your good deeds on social media to build your brand. Good digital marketing strategies during coronavirus impact can get you miles ahead of your competitor.

For example –

KFC removed its advertisement that included “Finger Licking Good” after receiving complaints as it was inappropriate according to the current situation when it is necessary to take care of your hygiene. Hershey changed an ad campaign that promoted hugs and handshakes due to coronavirus impact.

2. Present your business’s online

Google search traffic has increased at a great pace for the last few weeks and will continue to increase as people are glued to their phones while they are at home. They are finding ways for entertainment to pass their time and for many, it is shopping online.
It is the best opportunity to create your business online presence and use SEO to get into the top Google search results.

3. Online Advertising

Cost per click has approximately reduced by 6% and can decrease even more in the upcoming days. So it is a good opportunity for your business to run online advertisements and get ahead of the competition, increase traffic and conversion with a minimal amount of money.

4. Connect with employees and customers

Connect with your employees and customers on Zoom or Google hangout and save
their videos. Interview them about your products and services, also ask them to
review it.
In the upcoming days, these videos can turn out to be great content for blogs,
social media, media releases and many more.

5. Get to know your customers

Go through your Google Analytics account and analyze your customer behavior. Get to know your customer location, interests and everything that you have missed before due to your busy schedule.

6. Destroy the unnatural links

It is very important to destroy the unnatural links on your website. There are a lot of ways in which your website can get unnatural links. Your competitor might have created unnatural links to your website, it may be the reason your SEO is not paying off.
For e.g.- A website received Google penalty and after removing 1900 unnatural links, it climbed to the top 3 positions within three weeks of removing the links.
Another website lost about 82% of its traffic after creating thousands of unnatural links.

7. Update your Google My Business profile

If you are opening our business on special hours until this coronavirus outbreak then let your customers know the proper timings so that they can reach you easily.
Update timings on your Google My Business profile accurately to let customers know what has changed. Also, make sure your contact information is correct.

8. Respond to customer reviews

The online world is filled with reviews that companies have not responded to due to lack of time.
I am not asking you to answer too old reviews but give a thoughtful response to the recent ones. Respond politely to a negative review by asking their problems and promising them that they will not face any such issue in the near future. You can also train an employee to manage online reviews strategy.
Share good online reviews on various social media platforms to build your brand.

9. Strategize for Post-Covid-19 success

Coronavirus is not going to last forever, surely it’s going to pass. China has not witnessed a single domestic case for the past four days. So, instead of getting panic to work strategically now so that you don’t have to regret post-corona impact. A smart businessman will work even harder and will utilize this free time to get ahead of its competitors. If you use digital marketing strategy during coronavirus impact effectively then your business can get much ahead post-coronavirus.

10. Host virtual events

This is the time when people are spending most of their time online. You can utilize this opportunity by connecting with your audience virtually through live online events and webinars to make up for the cancellation of events that required physical presence. Every problem has a solution if you try to find out.

11. Make use of Local SEO

During this lockdown situation when we are staying at home, we look at products and services near our residence. As a customer, I will search on google “Grocery shops near me”. So, optimize your website’s local SEO for ‘near me’ searches. It can be one of the best digital marketing strategies during coronavirus while people are at home, you can grow your business as well as turn out to be a great help for families in a critical situation.

12. Complete your Digital Marketing to-do list

This is the time when you have no travels, conferences, and meetings so you have a lot of free time. You can use this time to give a fresh look to your website, for this you can hire web designers who can work remotely for you.
You can also check your website thoroughly and can do it SEO audit to correct the mistakes if any. This is the perfect time for self-improvement.

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