March 7, 2021

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Do ‘Funny Videos’ actually help in boosting sales?

Funny video advertising of brand to boost sale

It looks like every marketer is trying to be funny in their advertisements these days, but the question arises “Do funny videos actually help in boosting sales or it is just to grab the attention of the consumer?”. Funny Videos are surely a way to leave an impression on the consumer’s minds.

Humor is a way to sell your brand without directly selling something. Consumers definitely don’t want to feel like you’re taking money right out of their pockets. By appealing to a consumer’s emotions you’re able to engage them and make them remember you.

The reason why many advertising and marketing experts suggest you do use funny videos is that it’s fundamental to forming positive relationships. 

Do "Funny videos" help in boosting sales?

Every consumer purchases from Brands they like and humor is the easiest and fastest way to get there.

I’m sure you must have noticed that funny memes and witty hashtags are trending these days.

Most viral content in videos is funny. 

So, Benefit no.1: Funny videos get shared more on social media.

But what else does humor get you as a marketer?

1. Jokes trigger positive emotional and psychological responses

2. Make your brand memorable with humor

3. Laughter brings people together.

4. It grabs the attention of the consumer.

5. It has a clear Call-to-action.   

Here are our top picks of funny commercials that left a strong impact on the viewer’s mind.

1. Rajasthan Tourism — “Jaane kya dikh jaaye”

Do "Funny videos" help in boosting sales?

Rajasthan is a beautiful place. There certainly seems to be a gap with the way we see Rajasthan compared to foreigners. While Rajasthan is ranked no. 5 among all Indian states in the number of foreigner visits and it is ranked at 10th place in the number of domestic tourist visits, according to 2014 data. It was after 25 years that the state returned to tourism marketing and earmarked 100 crore budget for Rajasthan Tourism.

The below campaign strikes the right chord of a potential tourist to discover new experiences in a state which has a lot to offer. some turn out to be funny videos while others are purely magical.

2. Seagram’s Imperial Blue- “Men will be Men”

Do "Funny videos" help in boosting sales?

Seagram’s Imperial Blue ‘Men will be Men’ advertising campaign is highly relatable. As advertising alcohol is not possible, the brand opted to do a slice of life piece which pictures the modern-day man in his bid to impress the opposite sex.

Bound with humor and irony, the advertisement shows how the modern Indian man is constantly trying to impress the opposite sex as well as other men, often landing up in awkward and unwanted situations. The fun element is mainly the depiction of men as being incorrigible when it comes to getting attention from women and how they want to go the extra mile to come off as gentlemen too. And often how the sight of a female leaves them quite helpless in wanting to impress.

3. Centre fresh- “Yeh Wala

Do "Funny videos" help in boosting sales?

Titled ‘Yeh Wala’, the ad begins with a boy who yells in pain while brushing his teeth. Suddenly, his door is banged open, as a reporter and a cameraman suggest him to use ‘Yeh wala’ toothpaste. Then it moves forward on to a guy being recommended ‘yeh wala’ cream, to the viewers being suggested to buy ‘yeh wala’ TV and so on, till finally the ad zip-out their mouths in the classic style of Center Fresh. Then the voice suggests to give them ‘yeh wala chewing gum’ to have them keep their mouths shut.

4. Tide- “It’s a #TideAd

Do "Funny videos" help in boosting sales?

To let the audience know what they were up to, Tide partnered with actor David Harbour, who starred in a 45-second spot which aired during the first quarter of the game. David Harbour mimicked out a variety of generic ads for beer, automobiles, perfume, etc. before asking a simple and obvious question:

so, does this make every Super Bowl Ad a #TideAd?

David Harbour returned seven times throughout the game to remind America that Tide was responsible for all the joy, laughter, tears and remarkably clean clothes they were enjoying during the commercial breaks.

But sometimes being humorous backfired for some brand…

Here is a poof…

X-Treme mint refreshment- Dog Breath

Even if the intentions are to make people feel good about your brand, listing negative emotions to get their attention may backfire even if it is only because the content is out of keeping with the context. In some cases, the response was so negative that people actually responded negatively to both the ad and the brand.

According to a YouTube post, this “dog breath” ad was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority in the U.K and Republic of Ireland due to 700 complaints that the ad made some audience physically sick by watching it.

“A joke is a very serious thing,” Sir Winston Churchill is quoted as saying.

That is certainly true in the multi-billion-dollar business of TV marketing world. Number of major advertisers pay a huge amount to try their TV commercials with a small sample of the targeted audience before the ad actually aired on TV.

A funny ad will get people’s attention and enhance emotional connection for the brand.

 On the other hand, a bad joke might get the wrong kind of attention that undermines affection towards the brand. With ad budgets of about millions of dollars, nobody wants to waste money by irritating their potential customers.

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