February 26, 2021

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Localization Strategy: Learn from UberEat’s Mistake

Localisation Strategy

The Product managers, handling PAN India territory, often must have traveled to different territories to conduct field meetings. Did you witness the same requirements/ queries for your product throughout? If Yes! You are Lucky to have that product. If No! Did you consider having regional brand communication? Localization Strategy: Learn from UberEat’s Mistake.

India, a diverse country, is a collection of not just cultures but also different types of markets & audience. And hence, for a successful campaign, you need to enquire, is your communication relatable to all types of audiences? If not, what can you do to grab the attention of different audiences?

Let me share a very relatable example.

Uber launched a campaign recently:

‘For Your Tinda Moments’

The campaign was launched in all parts of the country as ATL (TV, Radio, OOH, Print) & Digital campaign. The campaign was designed to target the boring food unlike usual practice of targeting the rivalry. A nice Thought indeed.  Further, UberEats decided to book a front-page ad in the leading newspaper of all major cities to spread its communication.

Everything seemed correct, then what went wrong? The Lack of localization of campaign. ‘Tinda’ is a Hindi word & the ‘resistance-of–tinda’ is restricted to Northern parts of India, like Delhi and to the north-Indians in other parts of the country. So, when UberEats invested money in full front-page ads of leading newspapers in Chennai, Hyderabad & Kochi, with a tagline ‘For Your Tinda Moments’, without considering that their audience doesn’t understand what tinda & so, what a tinda moment is, it was a perfect example of waste of ad space & campaign.

What could have been done? Separate localized communication of their brand replacing tinda with local food/vegetable that local people resist eating like Pavakka in Kochi & Poadalanga in Chennai. Localization Strategy: Learn from UberEat’s Mistake.

P.S. Every Product Manager has following struggles:

-Limited budget for marketing activities

-Neck to Neck Competition

-Maximum reach to the audience

In such struggling situations, every step needs a complete evaluation. Because every effort wasted leads to loss of market share.

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