March 6, 2021

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Best marketing strategies during Coronavirus impact for marketers and businesses

Coronavirus impact has caused brutal damage to lives & economies around the world. The major impact being felt is in industries like aviation, hospitality & Tourism. As per sources, the Tourism industry is expected to lose the highest amount of around Rs. 15000 Cr, the aviation industry is expecting a loss of Rs. 8200 Cr, & Hospitality to loose around 620 Cr Rs because of this sudden turn up in events. The truth is, the crisis is going to or has already hit your brand/business too. So the question is, will you Shutdown your business or company ??… of course not. But you will need to shift your marketing gear!! Read on, You need to understand these 6 marketing strategies during coronavirus impact so that you can protect your business and communicate with your customers.

As you know, because of a sudden drop in demand, more than 30 retailers which include big brands like – Apple, Nike, REI have closed their stores at least till the 31st of March. Apple India has closed its four sales offices in India. It has sent more than 5,000 of its employees on work from home while those who have to work on sites are given some guidelines. Starbucks has temporarily changed its service model from ‘sip & stay’ to ‘Grab – go’ model.

Many museums and tourist points have been closed too including Disney theme park amid Covid-19 outbreak. Some museums are offering a virtual-tour experience to entertain people while they are sitting at home. Many shows & events have been canceled. That means !! an advertisement campaign you had planned for the scheduled events had been canceled.

First of all, Don’t Panic !! Nothing has happened to you that hasn’t happened to most of the people in the world today. It is a tough situation for all !! But you can still make things work for your business & brands.

We need to work smarter and get ready to tackle the situation and challenges. In the marketing world how marketers handle the situation will separate pros from amateurs. You should plan a new strategy now as the strategy pre-coronavirus impact is not going to work anymore. A smart marketer or businessman always plans his activities as per the current situation.

These are a few ways which can turn out to be good marketing strategies during coronavirus impact –

1.) Enhance your business’s online presence

With markets being closed, you can get the benefit from the situation by enhancing your business with the help of digital marketing. The good thing about online marketing is that there is no face to face interaction. So, you can increase your sales while being at your home safe from coronavirus. Marketers can also analyze their spending and return on investment effectively. You can make or change your strategies on the basis of activities that generate the highest number of results. Online marketing your products and services is one of the best marketing strategies in coronavirus impact.

2.)       Re-evaluate Marketing campaigns

This is the time that will differentiate a pro marketer from the amateur. The amateur will keep posting the same content and posts that he was posting before coronavirus impact. He will just do his regular work no matter what the situation is. The amateur will not pause scheduled tweets and posts and will continue to market as we are living in the pre-corona world.

While a pro marketer knows where and when to stop. He will strategize his marketing technique according to the present situation. Strategy means knowing what to and what not to post at a particular time. This is not the time to run campaigns that you had created before coronavirus impact, you can save them for the post-corona impact. Marketing strategy in coronavirus impact needs to be different from the one before this pandemic.

3.)       Focus more on retaining your existing customers

At this crucial time, customers don’t want to risk their money by buying anything from a new brand. They will buy products from the companies they trust. So it’s easier and more budget-friendly to spend money on acquiring an old customer instead of acquiring a new one.

Few ways to retain an old customer –

•             Marketing automation – It is the easiest, budget-friendly and effective way to remain in touch with your existing customers. Marketing automation means sending automated messages across text, email, web and social to your existing customers. If done effectively without spam content, this can bring you a good number of leads and return on investment.

•             Get more social by engaging with your existing customers on various social platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook. Reply to their queries and reviews to make them feel more appreciated and valuable.

4.)       SEO Optimisation

SEO Optimisation is the cheapest way to drive more customers to your website. You need to have good content on your website for SEO. Almost every good business has an interesting and evergreen content that does not get outdated and is still valuable to your clients. Revisit the content, enhance the keywords and make some changes according to today’s trend for improving its search engine rankings.

5.)       Social Media Engagement

Increase your engagement on social media platforms by posting beautiful graphics, writing case studies and professional articles. Hold webinars to get in touch with more people online. This is the best time for webinars as due to coronavirus impact, no one wants to go outside. You can also invest if you have a good budget for running ad campaigns to reach more and more people.

6.)       Analyze your campaigns

The most important part of online marketing is analyzing the data. There is no use of doing anything if you are not measuring the results. Configure your Google Analytics and Google Search Console to study the nature, location, interests of your audience. Know which type of content is liked mostly by your audience and strategize your next campaigns accordingly.

Keep an eye on the ROI of your social media campaigns. Create various copies of an ad campaign and analyze each one of them after some time. Spend more on the ad campaign that is giving the highest number of results. Good analytical skills are must to be a good marketer.

Strengthening your online presence in these troublesome days of coronavirus can give you an edge over many competitors. Hopefully, the bad days will end soon but no matter what we should be prepared for each and every situation.

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