March 6, 2021

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10 Best social media marketing strategies you should use in 2020

Social media marketing strategies are the most powerful strategy for businesses. Hence if you are not using social media channels to promote your business, you are losing a big chunk of potential customers.

As published in Digital report 2020 (Published by wearesocial in partnership with Hootsuite), there were around 3.8 billion social media users reported in January 2020, which has grown 9% since January 2019, with 321 million new users reported. Also, As reported by Statista, Facebook is still a favourite of 2.45 monthly active users.

With such a huge reach of audience, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter, etc. have now become an excellent platform for marketers. The key is to create a strategic plan and effectively carry it out and then measure the results. Here are some social media marketing strategies that can be useful in 2020 for your brand’s promotions.


Best Social media marketing strategies, you can use for your brand.


1) Identify Your Goals. Use ‘SMART’ Strategy:

Identify Your Goals.

For easy identification of goal, you can follow the ‘SMART’ strategy.

i) Specific: Goals must indicate what exactly does the marketer wants to achieve.

ii) Measurable: It should always be measurable in terms of numbers or any other attributes.

iii) Attainable: Goals should be realistic and achievable.

iv) Relevant: The purpose of the goal should be realistic, with in reach & relevant to your product.

v) Timely: Have a timeline and a deadline to achieve a certain goal.



2) Identify Your Customer:

Identify Your customer

Identify your target customer will help your brand to create better and more effective campaigns. The audience can be bifurcated into many indexes. The index could be demographic, psychographic, behavioral or geographic.

Each of the indexes can be further bifurcated in such a way that the people from that index will react similarly to a promotional strategy. Remember !!, Unless the message is not designed for a specific target group it would not create much of value to the company. Also by doing this company shows that they acknowledge customer’s preferences and hence gain some brownie points of goodwill.

The new languages introduced by Facebook is the best example of geographical indexing of product by a company.


3) Select the Best Platforms:

Social Media Marketing

Each of the social platforms has some of the other unique features & type of audience which other platform doesn’t. For example, Facebook is used to reach a mass audience, Instagram is used to reach to niche via various influencers, LinkedIn is mostly used for business, B2B leads, etc. Hence the choice of social media platforms depends on the marketing objective a promoter has.

4) Employ a Qualified Manager:

Usually, companies select personnel who is not tightly scheduled or someone who has the cheapest hourly rate. One the contrary one must consider a person who understands how to lay outposts, choose content, and engage with followers in a way that builds toward success. He or she should be clear with all the step by step process of social media promotion. The person should also be well versed with the branding of the product and type of image which the brand has.


5) Deliver Consistently:

Uploading blogs, videos or posts according to a random schedule won’t create a good marketing strategy. Consistency is one of the best social media marketing strategy that helps a consumer be hooked with a brand. Hence on social media, consistency is the key to keep a consumer associated and have his or her loyalty for a long time. Consistency also builds audience engagement which is significant for brand association.

6) Woo Influencers:

Almost 50% of buyers take opinions from various opinion leaders and influencers before buying a product. The primary reason for this is they have well-established credibility with them. Hence their opinion matters the most to them. Influencer marketing is one of the best social media marketing strategies and its trending. Influencers have their own set of audience which is loyal to them and are regular in fan following. Hence when they promote a product or a service, their group has greater attention towards the promotional piece. To woo influencers there has to be some reward when they promote your product. It could be in the form of free merchandizes, goodies, shout outs or simply the amount they charge.


7) Grow Your Audience:

Social Media Marketing

Social media works on the primary principle of getting access to more and more audiences. If your post is not getting enough impressions then the message if not being put across and the post is not performing well. Social media managers need to work on increasing followers organically. Once the post reaches to the considerate amount of people, the rest of the promotion is done by the followers itself. The organic audience is considered to be best but some companies also consider paid advertising. Here there are paid views or impressions or paid traffic is attracted to a post.


8) Engage Your Audience:

For the success of a certain promotion, there has to be audience engagement for the account which is built over a period of time. There are a lot of ways to build engagement. One can hold quiz competition for increasing interactions. There has to be engaging replies to comments and stories, liking posts, responding personally to messages. If there are followers on your account who are interested in a particular piece of information, tag them when you post about it. Include various links in your comments and accounts. Link to your website or other call-to-action (CTA) communications. Encouraging customers to act is crucial to the effective development of social media marketing strategies.


9) Measure Your Results:

Once the promotion is over, compare the actual results with pre-determined objectives. That way, you will know which strategies are actually creating utility and which are just a waste of resources. Results can be measured in terms of the increased number of followers, the number of comments and likes, the number of people who shared the post and the number of impressions. After all the measurements it all comes down to a number of leads the promotions generated. Lead metrics is the tool that helps you determine if the strategy actually paid off the efforts or not.


10) Lather. Rinse & Repeat:

Metrics show you where you have been, and they also map out where you need to go. Companies need to take the metrics they gather and use them to massage their message. Does one type of content create more engagement? Is there a pattern of posts gaining more attention on certain days, or particular times of the day? Does the content do better across one platform over another? Use this data to edit and hone the strategy. You will see even greater results from social media marketing efforts. Successful media strategies provide companies with various challenges and it is easy to take wrong turns and end with disastrous outcomes. In the midst of the work is it likely to be overworked, get burned out and lose interest.

Here are a few social media platforms that’ll help you understand how to best use each one:-


  • Users- Almost 2.5 Billion
  • Industry- B2C
  • Benefits- Billions Reach, Low-cost advertising, Raise Brand Awareness

How to use Facebook for marketing- It’s important to start by building your fanbase on Facebook. Post your product, offer or services in the form of engaging content that encourages people to interact with you. Target audiences by location, demographics, interests, and analyze Your Page Performance


  • Users- 1 Billion+
  • Industry- B2C
  • Benefits- High-level engagement, Easy to target your audience, Visual marketing

How to use Instagram for marketing- Instagram is all about pictures. Be attractive, Show creativity & focus on the solution you provide. Use #hashtags to reach more audiences. Try to Collaborate according to your niche. Engage your audience using stories and live updates.


  • Users- 660+ million
  • Industry- B2B
  • Benefits-  Business development, Higher Level Of Credibility

How to use LinkedIn for marketing- Linkedin is different from other social media platforms. You can define the expertise of your business through the LinkedIn content platform, interact with the relevant community via brand pages and groups, and you can reach out to potential clients via LinkedIn messaging.


  • Users- 2+ Billion
  • Industry- B2C
  • Benefits- 2nd largest search engine, Higher Conversion Rates, Content never dies here

How to use YouTube for marketing- Creating and posting video content on YouTube is a great way to boost the visibility and credibility of your small business. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine, people interact more with video content, and that makes youtube a preferred platform for the promotion of many businesses. Understand your niche, your audience and post continuously. Track your audience- Where are your videos being viewed, and when? What age are your viewers? What gender do your viewers most commonly identify as?


  • Users- 335 Million
  • Industry- B2C
  • Benefits- Additional blog traffic, Niche-specific, New leads

How to use Pinterest for marketing- Pinterest is all about aspiration or utility. Create informational and Eye-catching images, instructional content that inspire people. Make sure to link the image with your website or related article. Optimize your keywords in the caption.

These were some different social media platforms you can use according to your business goal and make your brand stand out.

Hopefully, this article will help you to figure out how to create a social media marketing strategy.

If you have any doubts or want to share your thoughts and experiences comment below.

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