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SWOT analysis of Company Adidas

SWOT analysis of Company Adidas

This article is about the detailed SWOT analysis of company Adidas. Adidas is perhaps the most grounded game brands on the planet. Known most unmistakably for its scope of Shoes, the brand is likewise a producer for attire and frill. Here is the SWOT investigation of Adidas. Let’s do the SWOT Analysis of Company Adidas to get a proper analytic view of the brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT).

Here is a SWOT analysis of Company Adidas



1. Legacy & heritage:

With many years of legacy and inheritance, Adidas has made a trip far to set up itself as an energetic brand. The brand was begun in 1949 and has a voyage far from that point forward.

2. Diversified portfolio:

Company has numerous item portfolios with a changed scope of footwear and frill under brand name Adidas (premium fragment) and Reebok

3. Strong financial position:

With its 2400 store comprehensively bookkeeping $4.3billions, the organization is in a solid budgetary position.

4. Distribution network:

By offering it from online stores to organization claimed stores to grocery store stores, Adidas has a compelling dispersion framework for its items accessible through various channels.

5. Branding by creating touchpoints with the community:

Celebrity supports and supporting significant game associations, for example, FIFA, UEFA, NBA, and Olympics have expanded the attention to Adidas in the market and thus it has expanded the exceptionally focused on client base too.

6. Collaborations & memberships:

Strong relationship inside the maintainability territory with associations, for example, the International Labor Organization, International Finance Corporation has given the organization an edge over contenders so they can have an economical business.

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1. Premium price range:

High value extends because of imaginative innovation and Production techniques have made the brand reasonable to restricted clients just, particularly in creating nations.

2. Outsourced manufacturing:

Adidas has 93% of generation re-appropriated to outsider makers (generally to Asia) to benefit from low work cost and simple accessibility of assets. They are risking over-reliance on re-appropriating particularly in Asian markets. Likewise, the general nature of items saw by the customers of created economies is a significant worry the extent that the brand is concerned.

3. Limited product line:

Adidas alongside the as of late procured Reebok brands has just 2 brands under their gathering in spite of the fact that they have profound groupings inside these brands. Therefore, there is more extension for product offering development.



1. Changing Lifestyle:

With the immersion of created economies, changing taste and inclinations, instruction and changing the way of life of creating economies, there is a lofty ascent in the interest for premium merchandise and administrations.

2. Market development:

Entering into new markets will be the best way to prevail later on in light of the fact that created economies are now having a high challenge.

3. Expansion in the product line:

Expanding its product offering will open another arrangement of chances while simultaneously it can separate itself from the contenders by following this system.

4. Increasing demand for premium products:

If we just consider the Indian market then there is a development pace of 33% sought after for premium items. This discloses to us the future business opportunity and extending the business sector size of creating economies.

5. Backward integration:

This will be a savvy methodology whenever pursued by Adidas as it will help Adidas to verify their patent rights and additionally incorporate their R&D with the operational group so as to work in an open framework.



1. Competition:

Although Adidas is a worldwide brand it is confronting the savage challenges from different brands like Nike which is the No.1 brand and Adidas being in the second Position in this top-notch section. Other than this, there is standard rivalry from neighborhood players, substitutes and market penetrators.

2. Supplier Dominancy:

Due to most of its generation being redistributed; Suppliers have more haggling force than the organization.

3.Government Regulations:

With its 35% of items made in China and 93% of creation occurring in Asia, Import guidelines, obligation, and taxes assume a basic job in the valuing and accomplishment of the organization.


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