March 3, 2021

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Tips for the Best Packaging of Brand

The inescapable truth is that final decision to purchase by a customer happens at the shelf aisles in stores. Many companies work under the mistaken assumption that consumer behaviour is impacted only by sales promotion and advertising.

The fact is, no matter how much money and time is spent by the marketing department, if your product does not deliver at the point of sales, due to poor packaging design, the total marketing investment you made will be wasted.

How can we get consumers reaching out for our products from store shelves? The following are some valuable tips for branding and packaging design:

Product Must Stand-Out

Basically, we have to accept the fact that our products are competing for a few short seconds of attention. A supermarket will typically have more than 40,000 products on display, and the average shopper devotes not more than an hour to shop. This means that around 10 products must be perceived per second. So, your product must, first of all, stand out from among others through its nifty packaging.

Compose Story Early On

Prior to finalizing your product packaging and design, button -up the story of your brand. Take note that a business is faceless and generic without its personality, vision, mission, values and history.

With regard to composing your unique story, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What beliefs power your company?
  • How would you desire the shape of your business after a few years?
  • What makes your business and its products unique?
  • How can your products impact the lives of consumers?

Endow the Product with Persona

Don’t think of package design as simply a way to deliver your product. For truly conveying a story or brand message or identity through a product, you must regard it as a person. So, you must construct a persona for your product, such as a brand personality.

By considering your product like a person, it will be simpler to design packaging which reflects the personality of the brand and resonates with the target audience. As for potential buyers, they will take note of the authenticity of the product and drift towards it, even before realizing what it is. They will sense that it has been designed for them.

Avoid Over-Designing

Most marketers are prone to this tempting tendency to over-design. While trying to make the product unique and eye-catching, some companies complicate the design. Sometimes such products may sell well, but they will not build or reinforce the brand of the company.

Avoid being carried away while designing packaging. Stick with clear, simple concepts which your audience will really understand. Most often, the well thought out, and simple designs of best brand packaging will win the hearts of consumers.


It is vital to design product packaging, which is consistent with the values and identity of your brand. This tip does not mean the slapping of your logo all the time at all places. However, you need to design concepts that reflect your brand. Concepts include colour, typography logo design etc. Even if the product does not reflect the aesthetic features of your brand, it must be compatible with its values.

These are all some tips for strategic product packaging design.