February 27, 2021

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Are you choosing the Correct Packaging Designs for your Product?

Guide to choosing the Correct Packaging Designs for your Product

In today’s era, there is no scope of growth or success without style, and that implies Products as well. Product owners are spending a handsome amount of money on product packaging designs, just to make the product look extraordinary. It is a great time to be creative & efficient in product packaging and choosing the right type of packaging designs for your product is definitely going to bring rewarding results !!

In the older version, the packaging was defined as something that is used to protect a product from heat, dust and other things that take place. But in these creative times, one of the primary features of packaging is to make the product look appealing & is considered a very important factor in the conversion of the customer. We can say, Over a period of time, the concept of packaging has evolved into something which is more than just the product’s pretty face.

The packaging is one of the first things which a customer notices while roaming around the supermarket or any other point where there is direct contact with the product.

Hence working on the packaging design becomes critical from the point of view of marketing. The packaging design should be compatible with the product, it should highlight various and targeted features of the product, along with it, the design of the packaging should also make the product look desirable.

Why do you need to invest in the Best Product Packaging for your product??

1. Packaging also differentiates one brand of product from another brand.

2. Packaging shouts out your marketing message, product information, brand logo, tagline, and quality of the product.

3. Creative packaging attracts the customer to take a closer look at your product and influence them to buy. It plays a key role in influencing customer’s buying behaviour.

4. Ofcourse, Right Packaging protects your product and makes it easy to deliver.

5. Different types of packaging are available in the market, Different product packaging has a different advantage.

Which product packaging can be right for your product??? Here are some types of Packaging designs




1) Protective Packaging Design:

The sole purpose of the packaging design is to protect the product and make a secure and protective environment for it. The packaging under this type is such that it follows prescribed elements which are needed for the product to be usable by the consumer till the time he or she consumes it. For example, for perishable products, they could be in a packaging which keeps the product cool, and away from the sunlight, for electronics or any of the fragile goods, there could be an extra packaging of sponge or bubble wrap. Protective packaging design primarily helps to maintain suggested temperature and keeps the product in a pristine state. This kind of packaging is useful for essentials, valuables or easily perishable products. It generally has a big size of a company logo on it.

Take a look at the best of packaging designs by Creative Agencies of India

2) Replica Model Packaging Design:

As the name suggests, this type of packaging includes packaging based on the theme of the product. That may include various versions of miniature houses, huts, boats, treasure chests etc. There is a huge scope for creativity under this type of packaging as the design needs to be as innovative as possible. It is generally used for luxury products or the products which are
used as gifts. The reason behind this is that the replica model packaging design involves a lot of money as it includes fancy and expensive materials, colours and planning. Hence the packaging cost gets added to the overall price of the product, which leads to its affordability by the people with higher income.

Pemium and Replica model Packaging By LiquidLoop Agency

Replica packaging designs
Replica packaging


3) Transparent Packaging Design:

Transparent packaging is highly effective for customer engagement. It allows the customer to see what he is actually buying. This kind of packaging can be used when the product category involves a lot of variations, hence an actual appearance of the core product has to be shown to the customer so that the customer can differentiate it with respect to the other products and make a final buy. It is one of the general types of packaging which can be done to a variety of products such as vegetables, electronics etc. There is also teaser packaging under this type. In
teaser packing, only some part of the product is shown to the customer so that the customer has a hint about what he is buying and won’s be surprised when he actually opens the product.

Transparent and Elegant Product packaging by Brandrecall Agency


4) Chipboard Packaging Design:

Chipboard packaging is used for the products which mainly come under the industry of medical, cosmetics, beverages, electronics, etc. Generally, the clipboard is a paper board that is made out of reclaimed paper stock. It can be easily folded or stored anywhere. Chipboard packaging can be a cost-effective packaging for products. According to the need of the product, chipboard comes in various densities and toughness. Although there are some downfalls of chipboard packaging too. These are not suitable for the transport of heavy products because the material is made out of lightweight cardboard. Another downfall of chipboard packaging is that because of paper, the packaging is not suitable for a moist environment.

Chipboar packaging designs
Chipboard Packaging Design

5) Polybag Packaging Design:


Polybag packaging is the most commonly available and cheapest source of packaging. As you would rightly guess, poly bags are used to give away products via pouches or bags. The bags are generally made out of flexible, thin plastic fabric and it can carry a wide range of products. For examples food items, flowers, waste, magazines, chemicals etc. Since the plastic is flexible, the bags can be customized to any size, shapes or design and still remain cost-effective. Some of the demerits of poly bags are that they are lightweight, compatible with products which include water, moisture etc. Generally, these bags are made with security features like tape attachments, hanging holes, and carrying handles to make sure the products are well secured and visually appealing to the customer.

Creative and Colorful packaging  by RNT Communication Agency

6) Moulded Packaging Design:

Moulded packaging is used when the shape of the product is not according to the conventional forms. Also, it is used when the products are fragile and need close packaging so that the product inside it does not break. For packaging, the product flexible packaging materials are used such as paper, plastic, bubble wraps, sponge sheets, etc. For eg. light bulb has paper packaging in sync with its shape.

Under this kind, packaging box contours are moulded according to the form, shape or frame of the product. This also makes the product look unique, creative and very exclusive. Some of the products where this type of packaging is used are vehicle parts, tires, toys, kitchen and garden tools, music CDs, gifts, etc. One of the advantages of moulded packaging is that the material used is generally eco-friendly and easily disposable. This is the most common type of packaging design used by the majority of the vendors.

Conventional & Moulded Packaging By RNT communication Agency

These are the types of packaging designs available in the market. One can select any of these packaging designs depending on the type of product they want to export or deliver.


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