February 26, 2021

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Why just listing ‘Top Brands’ on Brand Value is Un-Justified?


There’s so much more to the story…

So if one simply puts ‘Top Brands 2019’ in Google Search, in a second, a list appears with the Names of Glorious Brands. With Amazon leading them all by far, here’s the name of top 10 Brands 2019 with data taken from statista.com:

With Amazon & Apple taking all the Glory, one can see the top 10 names in the world. But we believe it is unjustified and incomplete story.

So here’s the rest of the story:

We present to you a new version of this list. We worked on the age of these brands and prepared a separate list.

In the above list there are brands as young as 15 years old i.e. Facebook which has a brand Value of near about 83 billion dollars & as old as 81 years i.e. Samsung that holds a brand value of 91 billion dollars.  Now, we believe it unjustified viewing Facebook as a smaller brand compared to Samsung, as Facebook has achieved almost nearly the brand value in 15 years as Samsung in 81 years.

It is like Samsung is that senior employee of the company who has got all promotions on time (of course due to his discipline etc. as Samsung has its own benefits) but Facebook is that young sharp employee who has earned promotions before time to make a space in senior positions.

Also, Amazon and apple are in news since last year for being neck to neck. Apple is a 43 Yrs old brand & Amazon, launched in July 1994, a 25 years brand. So who is the real hero? Lets see a comparison graph.

If you see the graph you will notice the brands who have achieved more in less time. And hence they deserve a special mention.

Here’s a modified list from BrandLanes where we divided the brand value with age of the respective brands & based on the result prepared a separate top brand list.

Please have a look and share your views in comments.

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